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anonymous-customerWith an estimated 70% of the sales cycle taking place before sales people can even get in the door. How is that you ask?

Information is global. It is available. It is searchable. It is out there. They will find it.
Interestingly, of 65%+ of people self- research information about a product or service before they even reach out to you!

What is even more interesting, they will often go to every place but your… Continue reading

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Internet marketing pundits, like popular podcaster Paul Colligan, have said that Web 2.0 is all about delivering the information your customers want, when and how they want it.


This applies to all of your marketing… Not just the Internet! Your demographic has a very big role to play in how the customer will find you and what they want to know.

Their own buying cycle will dictate the level of information that they want… Continue reading

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Baby Loggerhead turtle | Image Credit:

On one nice crisp Florida day during the holidays, we drove over to Weedon Island Preserve to have a good walk and get some air….. And get away from the pie and leftovers!

As you walk along the road to the pier and the fishing area, there are cement ramps every 15 feet. These ramps go up the curb…. Kind of what you see when you are… Continue reading

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I just listened/watched a fascinating webinar about scripts-or so I thought! The presenter was Plantronics – notable headset provider – it was based on research they had done in Europe.


Over the years I have always maintained that anyone who “touches” a prospect or customer should be trained. It seems that that has never been truer!


Today’s customer is coming to you more educated than ever before. They are also coming to you… Continue reading

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When you’re in front of a prospect – or even the customer- nothing, I repeat NOTHING – is more important than the person sitting across from you and what they have to say!

This could mean during a telephone conversation as well as the face-to-face visit! I might even go so far as to include preparing an e-mail communication! Someone is receiving it and will react Your entire focus needs to be on the message;… Continue reading

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